E-Reader Cartoon

This is so great…e-reader cartoon by the coolest Tom Gauld.

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I fell passionately in love with this post written in December 2009 on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency:  Letters to Santa written by Shakespeare Characters, by Caroline Bicks and Michelle Ephraim.  Here’s a sample:

Dear Santa:

How does my lord? I am fine. I believe ’tis possible you did not receive my wish list last year, or that it fell into unsavory hands and was rudely tampered with before reaching you, as all you brought me was a chastity belt and some granny underpants. I pray that this one flies to you untainted since this year hath really sucked. I wish for the following:

— He’s Just Not That Into You (book and DVD)

— “All About Me” Lock and Key Diary

— National Geographic Flower and Leaf Pressing Kit

— Coastal Deluxe Automatic Inflatable Life Vest

Fingers crossed,

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